The Start of “The First”

Today was a monumental day for me as a soon-to-be-father.

Since Paps’ has been pregnant with the tiny parasite, I’ve answered all the typical questions like, “when are you due?” “Do you know the sex yet?” “How’s you’re wife doing?”  “Are you guys sure you’re ready for this?”  All are normal, and all are fine, however I’d always dreaded the question of “have you guys picked out a name yet?

Well for the longest time Paps and I were not seeing eye to eye with each other on the baby names, and were definitely not seeing eye to eye with all external noise makers (aka everyone else) when it came to names for Baby X.  I had even resorted to a playoff bracket type of baby naming system to ween out the small players in this game of champions.

This was ongoing for months.

But alas… I received a note from the tiny parasite on Valentine’s day.

Valentine's note from the baby

I couldn’t be happier, but at the same time extremely cautious because this baby name was one of my favorites that I had annoyingly pushed for.  I would drop in the name during any type of conversation while talking about Baby X.  I would say this name when people asked what we were naming him…

I was relentless.

So of course it came as a surprise to me to see my wife “cave in.”  The caution builds up because I know that she’s doing this for me.  And I feel bad that we couldn’t compromise about the name and she succumbed to my name bullying, because ultimately, I want her to have her way… for the most part… sometimes.

So needless to say, even after she’d shown me my little Valentine’s Day note from the baby, I still have been calling him Baby X or telling people we haven’t chosen a name.

Until today.

Stranger: “Have you guys picked a name out yet?”

Me: “Why actually… yes we have… Jacob.”

I actually said it out loud.  I said the name that my son will have for the rest of his life.  And I said it with so much pride that it felt right on so many levels of cool adjectives describing euphoria.

I was proud of him, and proud of us… and although it sounds goofy, just saying his name (regardless of if my wife is elated with it or not), was one of the first most awesome parental moments I’ve had yet.

And so all “the firsts” begin.

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