So it’s been a real work in progress, but it’s done.  The nursery is finally, freaking, done. Over a course of well over a month now, I’ve taped, torn down tape, re-taped, painted, painted, painted some more, fixed my painting mistakes, put down new base boards, put up crown molding, changed wiring, installed the ceiling fans, built furniture, hung pictures and giraffes, but most of all… created my new favorite room. Here’s a small visual story of…. the journey. In order to get the tape job right, I spent a literal weekend doing it.   The problem is, I decided that using a level was the best way at first.  WRONG.  It’s THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE.               I taped up the whole room once… Twice…                   Three times before I got it right finally. Here’s the hint; The first time I used just a level and a tape measure.  That doesn’t work because human error will prevail no matter how awesome you are at drawing lines.  The second time, I used a laser level…  the kind that sucks itself onto the wall and allows you to draw on your lines.  Well the problem with this is that the level on that contraption has a lot of give and take for distances over a foot it seems.  What I mean is that even though the lines looked like they were level, the tape measure said otherwise… and you Continue Reading →

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The Start of “The First”

Today was a monumental day for me as a soon-to-be-father. Since Paps’ has been pregnant with the tiny parasite, I’ve answered all the typical questions like, “when are you due?” “Do you know the sex yet?” “How’s you’re wife doing?”  “Are you guys sure you’re ready for this?”  All are normal, and all are fine, however I’d always dreaded the question of “have you guys picked out a name yet? Well for the longest time Paps and I were not seeing eye to eye with each other on the baby names, and were definitely not seeing eye to eye with all external noise makers (aka everyone else) when it came to names for Baby X.  I had even resorted to a playoff bracket type of baby naming system to ween out the small players in this game of champions. This was ongoing for months. But alas… I received a note from the tiny parasite on Valentine’s day. I couldn’t be happier, but at the same time extremely cautious because this baby name was one of my favorites that I had annoyingly pushed for.  I would drop in the name during any type of conversation while talking about Baby X.  I would say this name when people asked what we were naming him… I was relentless. So of course it came as a surprise to me to see my wife “cave in.”  The caution builds up because I know that she’s doing this for me.  And I feel bad that we couldn’t Continue Reading →

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So, for my Valentine’s Day post, I’d written a little ‘ode to fate,’ and while I believe it was fate that brought me to where I am today, I kinda wanted to touch on more coincidences on how I’m seeing things at the moment.  As the title of my blog clearly states, I am a Scared Dad.  Scared of the future, yet excited at the same time.  Scared of the unknown circumstances in my life.  Scared of making the wrong decisions… but most of all Scared of failing. *Disclaimer* This is all speculation, and not meant to end up putting me in a loony bin.  Also, there may be mention of God in here, but I promise you it’s not a blog post preaching the “word of the lord” I’m a huge believer in “everything happens for a reason.”  Also, the old wives quote, “for every door that closes, another one opens,” has been so prevalent in my life, that it’s hard for me not to believe there’s truth in it. For instance, I told the story about a big break up that ultimately led me to my wife, A Valentines Day Message: Fate.  In that post I’d mentioned some accidents in there that were supposed to have taken my life, but as God would have it, I walked away practically uninjured.  Like the time I was mountain biking down a hill at 26 mph (that’s 41.84 km/h for you metric folks reading), hit a hole, went flying off my bike, Continue Reading →

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A Valentines Day Message: Fate

To my wife, If someone told me 5 years ago, that fate was real, I would’ve laughed in their face.  If someone told me that there was a chance for me to be a better man than I was being 5 years ago, I would’ve hoped they were telling the truth, and probably had continued on the destructive path I was on.  If someone told me 5 years ago that I would be happy… Paps… fate is a motherfucker.  It’s an amazing– amazing sonofabitch.  This is how wonderful fate is.  I was in a broken relationship that was doomed from the start.  So fate brought me to my knees (figuratively and literally), and became the reason I had to leave the Marine Corps.  As much as I loved being a Marine, my time had come, and fate had me depart.  Fate took me away from that destructive relationship that I had been the virus of, and brought me home… to clear my head… to separate from that life… and fate brought me to you. Fate gave us a story.  One that makes other people laugh, and one that will always make us smile.  A “holler” brought you to me, and associates from a decade ago, became friends, who in turn became lovers.  But not without work. Fate happened to deal all the cards exactly the way they needed to be dealt, with impeccable timing.  Because fate had a plan.  When I was down, you brought me up.  When I was Continue Reading →

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