Apparently, it’s really good to get the parasite inside your wife’s stomach to groove to “YO JAM,” while he’s draining every ounce of energy from her throughout the day.  They say that listening to music inside the womb promotes brain stimulation, and while it won’t make your kid become the next Mozart, Einstein, or Beiber (even though we hate on him, he is technically a musical prodigy), after you kid pops out it’s supposed to have given him enough stimulation in the womb to promote healthy development.

They also say that if you play specific music while he’s in the womb, that that same music played or hummed will help calm the baby when they’re fussy outside the womb…  And who wants a fussy baby?

Well, I thought the idea of playing music was a good idea; if not for help in making a possibly super smart kid, then just cause the thought that playing music to my wife’s belly and the  baby dancing inside to some Marvin Gaye  is pretty cool to me.

I looked up what’s hot on the market for “stomach speakers” and BellyBuds popped up. There’s a few competitors, that for the most part use a belt that straps around the mommy’s waist, but they didn’t look as sleek as the BellyBuds.  Basically the BellyBuds are comparable to headphones, but at the end where the earpiece is, there is a circular pod that simply lays on your belly.  The pod can be placed upon the belly with a sticky hydro-gel adhesive, that can be used multiple times (and even though I bought multiple gel pads, my wife doesn’t use them so she can “save them for when she needs them…” women…) as long as you protect them from dirt after you remove them.

The BellyBuds have a limiter switch on the cord so you can’t deafen you baby with Disney tunes, and they’re extremely portable, come with its’ own little pouch, and connect to anything that takes headphones.

She takes it to work, and I try to remember to use them while we’re just laying down watching TV.  I’ll just plug them into my phone, and turn on the ‘Motown’ or ‘Love Jams’ Pandora station, and get my kid some Casanova instilled in him.  Because lets face it… if he was made to it, he needs to learn to appreciate it… YouKnowWhatI’mSayin?!?!?

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