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These are my favorite gems from other dads that touched me… in all the right places…

To The Ticket Agent at the Delta Counter

Josh Misner, Ph.D. missed his connecting flight with kids in tow.  In immediate emotion he cursed, and fumed… and realized he was being watched with little eyes…  I don’t have my own kids yet, but I sure know what this is like.

The Father Factor

Knowledge intrigues me.  So do consequences.  So this article on the consequences of being an absentee father in a child’s life, spoke volumes to me.  So much so that I thought the rest of you reading should open it up and have a look-see yourself.

Worst Parenting Advice Ever

Seth, author of Forty Weeks Later, wrote a little advice to the advice givers.  Expecting parents, expect that when your expecting a baby for the first time, you will hear every ounce of information, and every piece of advice… but here is the topper in its most brilliant form!

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