So it’s been a real work in progress, but it’s done.  The nursery is finally, freaking, done.

Over a course of well over a month now, I’ve taped, torn down tape, re-taped, painted, painted, painted some more, fixed my painting mistakes, put down new base boards, put up crown molding, changed wiring, installed the ceiling fans, built furniture, hung pictures and giraffes, but most of all… created my new favorite room.

Here’s a small visual story of…. the journey.

In order to get the tape job right, I spent a literal weekend doing it.

How not to make sure your lines are straight...

How not to make sure your lines are straight…


The problem is, I decided that using a level was the best way at first.  WRONG.  It’s THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE.

Tedious tape job...

Tedious tape job…








I taped up the whole room once…


2nd failed attempt at the tape job

2nd failed attempt at the tape job









Third times's a charm

Third times’s a charm


Three times before I got it right finally.

Here’s the hint; The first time I used just a level and a tape measure.  That doesn’t work because human error will prevail no matter how awesome you are at drawing lines.  The second time, I used a laser level…  the kind that sucks itself onto the wall and allows you to draw on your lines.  Well the problem with this is that the level on that contraption has a lot of give and take for distances over a foot it seems.  What I mean is that even though the lines looked like they were level, the tape measure said otherwise… and you have to understand, for what I was about to get into, an 1/8 inch would royally eff this project up big time.  The answer?  I used snap chalk, which worked like a miracle… a God sent miracle.


Then came the pain…. I mean paint.  First off you must know… I. HATE. PAINTING.  So for me to see my arch nemesis once again… lets just say I was less than excited

My arch nemesis.... paint

My arch nemesis…. paint


Finally got some paint on the walls

Finally got some paint on the walls

1st Coat.... of many

First Coat…. of many











Like SERIOUSLY.  I hate painting.  And as you can see, this room was going to need some multiple coats slathered on.


Each section ended up taking five coats to get that solid look


The first round of tape came off, and I sat… defeated…






Why defeated?  Well, the lines look good in the picture, but in reality, there were tons of flaws.  Mainly because the paint seeped through the blue tape in so many places.  SO MANY PLACES.  So my lines were straight, but dozens of drips everywhere.  Then I learned about Frog Tape from a friend by hearing this line; “Why didn’t you just use frog tape?”

“I dunno… what the hell is that?”…

“It makes clean lines…” he says.

Well it’s a little late for that now Dick.

Painting commenced.  Then the light at the end of the tunnel…


Another layer of paint...

Another layer of paint…

Can you see it yet?  My vision?



Putting Preggo and TE to work...

Putting Preggo and TE to work…










After the paint was finally done, I put preggo-pants and her BFF to work by having them paint the Crown Molding… you know… cause if they’re not going to make me a sandwich and all…



Putting up new crown molding

Putting up new crown molding












After weeks of work… tons of learning curves… many lessons learned… BEHOLD THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!































































































































































Finally finished with that room.  And as much as I hated it, I went on to do the same thing in the office almost immediately.  But as I’ve said before…

It’s my new favorite room.

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