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Welcome to the personal space… taken from my mind and placed in this blog for all to see. I am a former-Marine-newly-married-soon-to-be-father kinda guy who feels that writing a blog may be fun for me to write, and interesting for you to follow.  I wanted to make a space where new parents, fathers in particular (and father figures… to not single out the step-dads and moms taking the role of dad) could resort to, just to see that you’re not the only one who’s going through this insane time in your life called parenthood.  I mean… we are raising little humans…

Becoming a father in my 30’s will be a journey many have walked before, but a first for me, and I am excited to share these moments with anyone looking for someone else’s take on what you have already gone through, or may be going through too…. but most of all, hopefully I can connect with people who are going through the same thing of being a first time father!!!

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  • Dan C. says:

    Robert – I came across your blog via the “Why Are Men’s Friendships So Empty?” post on the Good Men Project. I have poked around your blog a little bit and have really liked what I have read. I applaud you taking the time to write longform in this day and age of Facebook posts and tweets – it feels like a dying art to me. I have added you to my Feedly and look forward to reading you in the future! I am a proud dad to a 12 year old girl and every day is an experience, especially now as we start bumping up against the teenage years. Best of luck to you and I am excited to find your blog.


    • Dan,

      I seriously appreciate your kind words, and knowing that people are enjoying what I put out is a euphoric feeling like no other (I’ll have to edit this once my baby is born).

      Hopefully you still come around and share some inspiration, guidance, and humor throughout the journey!

      Glad to “meet” you Dan


  • steve says:


    Thanks for your response to my comment on “DOING” sports with kids rather than just talking about/watching.

    I raised 2 wonderful kids pretty much on my own from the time of my divorce when they were 3 and 6. I myself just got married. My kids, now 25 and 28 are still my best friends!

    Feel free to email me any time you have a question or just want to run something past me.


    • Steve,

      I can’t tell you how much I sincerely appreciate you offering your guidance and help. I’ve also been down the road of separation, but I pray that I do everything right this time around, if not for me, then for them.

      I will most certainly take you up on the offer sometime in the future!

      Thanks again,

  • Kerri says:

    Hey Rob,
    I just wanted to let you know that I will be a proud subscriber of your blog. To be honest, I do not have any children, nor do I want any. I lost a marriage due to me not wanting to expand our family- and I am cool with the outcome. I am a 30 year old female, only child, and I put my dad through hell growing up. I have a partner now who promised me in the beginning that he would never ask me to marry him or want a family- and that he would be content with my wish of just companionship forever, no strings attached (I am terrified of commitment)… but I caught him daydreaming of having a son the other day. Ugh. I MAY, just may, have to give in to getting hitched or having a kid to keep this one. Yikes. Anyway– I somehow came across your blog through FB or something, but I like it! I will be a follower of you and I look forward to reading your updates.

    • Hey Kerri!

      Haha, looks like that old saying, “waiting for Mr. Right” snuck up on you huh…. Thanks for taking the time out to write to me and let me know how you feel about what I’ve written so far, and thanks for subscribing. Hopefully you still enjoy reading for the life line of this blog, which I intend to be a while. What I promise is raw feeling and honest truth… So there’s that.

      Thanks again for the encouraging comment.


  • Eric says:

    Hello Rob,

    I came across your blog during my daily father-to-be internet searches. Myself, much like you am expecting my first child, a girl first week of May this year, as well as spending 8 years in the Corps. I’m 29 and clueless as to fatherhood lol. I’m starting to see more and more blogs and sites dedicated to us. So much emphasis is put on the mom, (not to take away from that at all) but I think many of us dads to be are completely left clueless, and under informed for what’s not only happening during pregnancy but what’s to come. You can only read so many books and get advice from “seasoned” fathers until you just have to learn from experience. Anyways, just wanted to give kudos to your blog and to let you know I’ll continue to read. The best of luck to you and yours.


    • ERIC! My first father blog friend! haha. First of all, congrats on the baby girl! We’ll have our babies around the same time, since we’re due May 11th. I really appreciate your kind words, and it’s good to know that the whole reason I decided to write blog is in fact happening. Mom’s do rule the web, and Dad’s need a voice too! I’d like to think that we saw so many people have kids while in the Corps, that we’ll learn from all their mistakes and already know it all, but really only time will tell. I mean the Marines I knew had SO MANY KIDS… haha

      Have you read the Dad’s pregnancy for Dummies yet? If not I recommend it.

      Again, Congrats, and hopefully you’ll share a story or two of your own with me on here! Subscribe so you get the instant updates for when I post.


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