Eat Sleep Poop… Repeat

Let me start off by saying, this is an amazing feeling.  Holding this little person in my arms and being able to calm him down and put him to sleep with my soothing hums or superior swaddle skills… these are the moments that parents constantly talk about.  Seeing that face our baby makes when he’s hungry, or his little poop face (that has been referred to as Blue Steel), *Zoolander Reference? Check…* that poop face this kid makes is priceless.

"Ive been working on this one for a while..."

“Ive been working on this one for a while…”


I mean seriously… that’s the pose of a natural model…

Being a father for 5 weeks, I don’t have answers to all the parenting questions, nor do I have many tips for guys going through what I am at this stage of babyism, but I do already have my own experience.  It’s such a very specific experience that I know once we have another baby, that will be a complete separate experience from this experience I’m having right this moment!

Still following me?

Well I can only explain it in these terms…

Babies don’t do much but eat, sleep, poop, and repeat, but since baby JR is our first born, everything we do as parents is brand new.  Everything is our first time seeing these actions in action.  It’s literally just he, the wife, and I in the house, so all of our attention is on the baby, and so everything is new to us.

Breastfeeding, pumping, the new looking poops, belly buttons falling off, baths, laughs, figuring out what calms him down, every eyebrow raise… Even staying up with Paps while she’s breastfeeding at 3 a.m, or falling asleep on the floor because that’s what the baby wants to do to stay asleep.  But the special thing about this moment is… it’s only the three of us.

Once another kid comes into the picture, we’ll get to enjoy all these moments all over again… in a sense… but it’ll be the four of us and that will be a completely different experience.  We’ll have to tend to a very curious child, while still trying to have all these first moments maintain their specialness with the second baby.  For example… as baby JR eats milk off the boob now… he also notoriously farts.  I can only imagine now that every time the new baby (whenever that would be) busts little baby ass (farts), the howls of laughter that would bellow from out of little JR’s belly would fill the room.  I mean it’s funny to us as adults now, but in the future… this experience will be completely different than it is now for us, because it’ll be shared with another.

But that’s something I don’t have to worry about for a while.

And that’s why I have to enjoy these moments.  These moments when it’s just the three of us.

Till then, I’ll deal with the baby eating, sleeping, pooping, and repeating.


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  • Sarah says:

    Love that you’re up with Arleen when she’s nursing at night!!! Xoxo

  • Calvin says:

    Eat, Sleep, Poop…repeat. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up! As far the babyism goes, I’m a grade ahead of you (high school theme) so reading about your experiences are making me reflect on the ones that I just graduated from. I’m here to tell you man, these are the golden baby times. Like you, it’s only the three of us over here and every situation and experience is going to prepare you for the next. I think its cool as hell that you laugh the little things like baby farts because I did the same thing! LOL!! That kind of attitude is what’s going to help you enjoy the experience that much more vice looking at it like it’s a chore (which some people do) and miss the magic. Stay in the moment man because if you blink three times, your son will be like my daughter; crawling, snatching things, throwing pacifiers into the baby abyss to never be retrieved or seen again (until you move that is), and my favorite…the da da da da phase! It doesn’t stop! But it’s so cool. You’ll see. It’s gonna be awesome! I too have no advice except to say that to just take it literally one day at a time because you don’t wanna miss anything. Like always, your blogs are awesome! I don’t feel alone being a new first time dad. That’s comforting for our “Band of Brothers’!!


    • Cal! BAND OF BROTHERS!!!! I’m in…


      It’s seriously strange to think that there are people so repulsed by baby stuff, like spit up and poop, out there. I embrace it all man! Spit up on my shirt? no problem… that’s a daddy battle scar! Poop on my hands? Rinse it off and hand me the french fries! ! Ha… I got this! Unfortunately this is a late post and I haven’t gotten to see my little guy in 3 weeks, so I’m sure I’m going to get back home and he’ll ask me who the hell I am, and why am I in his house

      Thanks again for reading!

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