Breaking the Parenting Rules

I’ve already broken all kinds of rules that parents follow, such as not taking him out of the house by a certain time.  The kid and I went for a walk on day two in the home.  Keep the baby out of the sun… well in my mind some sun can’t hurt (plus have you seen how white this kid is)…  Keep the house calm and quiet in order to not stress the baby out… We keep the house active and at normal volumes so he can get use to sleeping that way.  I’m sure there are many other things that seasoned parents would shun me out of their parent play groups for saying, such as he’s only 5 weeks, and I had him sit in a Bumbo today, or We took him to the zoo when he was shy of 4 weeks old. But the thing is… it’s my turn to learn from my mistakes as every other parent has.  So far, I haven’t injured him, and I don’t think I’ve put him in harm (except just being around people in general), but my thoughts are this… if I expose him to as much as possible up front (sounds, colors, smells) then he may develop faster from the different stimuli he’s experiencing… Who knows? Definitely not me…. but it sounds good right? Here’s my main thing… I refuse to be the dad who’s scared to put his son out there.  Not in harms way, but just out there for experience.  And Continue Reading →

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The First Step…

…and I’m not talking baby steps, although that could be a nice pun to use here as well.  No, I’m talking taking the first step to creating something that could possibly be just a hobby, something that I give up on in a few weeks, or even maybe something that takes off and becomes a part of me. I’ve created a Blog!!! I mentioned in the about me section that, “I wanted to make a space where father’s (and father figures… to not single out the step-dads and moms taking the role of dad) could resort to, just to see that you’re not the only one who’s going through this crazy time in your life called parenthood.  Becoming a father in my 30′s will be a journey many have walked before, but a first for me, and I am excited to share these moments with anyone looking for… just… someone else’s take on what you’re going through too,” and also to “Feel free to comment and leave your own stories, because we can learn from each other, good and bad!”   Well a little more about me to get this introductory blog out of the way; I recently just got married to my female counterpart, and best friend.  We met in high school.  Never dated.  Grew up.  10 years later after I separated from the Marine Corps, were brought together by fate and then started K I S S I N G in a tree… and now she’s pregnant.  Go Continue Reading →

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