So, for my Valentine’s Day post, I’d written a little ‘ode to fate,’ and while I believe it was fate that brought me to where I am today, I kinda wanted to touch on more coincidences on how I’m seeing things at the moment.  As the title of my blog clearly states, I am a Scared Dad.  Scared of the future, yet excited at the same time.  Scared of the unknown circumstances in my life.  Scared of making the wrong decisions… but most of all Scared of failing. *Disclaimer* This is all speculation, and not meant to end up putting me in a loony bin.  Also, there may be mention of God in here, but I promise you it’s not a blog post preaching the “word of the lord” I’m a huge believer in “everything happens for a reason.”  Also, the old wives quote, “for every door that closes, another one opens,” has been so prevalent in my life, that it’s hard for me not to believe there’s truth in it. For instance, I told the story about a big break up that ultimately led me to my wife, A Valentines Day Message: Fate.  In that post I’d mentioned some accidents in there that were supposed to have taken my life, but as God would have it, I walked away practically uninjured.  Like the time I was mountain biking down a hill at 26 mph (that’s 41.84 km/h for you metric folks reading), hit a hole, went flying off my bike, Continue Reading →

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Honey, Have You Seen My Pregnancy Pants?

Yeah… Mine. Let’s face it.  The sympathy weight is no myth. As a 31 year old man, I am once again afraid to step on a scale.  I haven’t been scared to step on a scale since returning from 30 days of leave while I was in the Marine Corps.  I’ve always been on the heavy side (teetering on my max allowed weight in the Marine Corps), and even on the heavier side as a civilian, but I’ve never hit over 300 lbs. And that’s where I’m scared I’m at. GRANTED… I am 6’5″, so it’s not like I look like Black Santa… but I can definitely feel that I’ve put on some lbs. (How did we even get “lbs” from pounds?”  Just a question) I can feel it in my ankles.  I can feel it in my knees.  I can feel it the tightening of my pants and shorts, in the shortness of breath, in the tightness in my shirts.  And the fucked up part about it is, I KNOW I’VE PUT ON WEIGHT.  I don’t need to step on a scale to know this.  My tits look like my wife’s at this point.  So why haven’t I done anything about it? Seriously?  Why haven’t I? Well like any other person who vows to make a life change, I hit these barriers (which I’ve learned while  doing homework, is a legitimate psychological term) that always seem to just keep me just way too busy; things like cleaning up what Continue Reading →

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Does Owning Dogs Prepare You For Raising Kids?

We can all agree that dogs are family.  Dogs bring happiness and joy.  Dogs need to be taken care of and trained.  Dogs need to be loved, and in turn love you back.  And when dogs pass on to doggy heaven, we lose a large part of us.  The whole family does. Dogs need tons of attention if you want to be known as a responsible dog owner.  When I take my little man, Sherman (the German), to the dog park, I teach him park etiquette.  When we go on walks, I teach him leash manners.  He isn’t allowed to beg, he’s not allowed to jump, and when I mean business, he knows to stop what he’s doing. But doesn’t everyone’s dogs? Hell no!  There are tons of houses you walk in, and you’re like… does it smell like piss in here?Where’d my food go?  The dog just chewed up my shoes… I mean seriously?  I just took these motherfuckers off!!!! That’s because not everyone puts complete energy into training or “etiquette.”  That is a serious statement.  Please understand when I say this.  Not everyone puts the same energy in training their dogs to be “Canine Good Citizens.” That’s a real thing in case you were wondering. It takes a special type of pride or determination (or getting lucky with a naturally well behaved dog), that gets you to a point where people go out of their way to let you know they recognize that your dog is well-behaved.  And Continue Reading →

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BFF’s Forever! …Right?

One of my favorite people in the world and his wife just popped out a brand new baby boy yesterday morning.  They waited till the birth to find out what the baby was, which made having a baby boy that much more special being that this was baby #2, but boy #1.  The night before, he had told me there was a hold on people coming into the hospital because apparently six people had died from the flu, so visitation was limited.  I felt hurt, not because I couldn’t see the baby right away… but that I couldn’t be there for him to run into the delivery waiting room so he could scream IT’S A BOY while handing out the cigars (which I’m sure he’ll pick up after reading this) to the any one willing to take one. I am… a sentimental type of guy. I buy into shit like that.  I buy into the surprise parties, and the sending people flowers.  I buy into the family photos coming in the mail, and weekend BBQ’s.  I buy into the phone calls about the first words, or seeing the mothers day drawings that the kids made in school this week… I still buy into the living that portion of the American dream that you would see if a Norman Rockwell painting came to life.  So when I tell you I really felt bad for not being there for him, I sincerely mean that it ate at me… cause that is my Continue Reading →

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