B.O.B Revolution Pro – (Perfect Stroller for Tall Parents)

“Invest in a Good Stroller.”

Those are words I’ve heard from many, many, many parents.  And now being a parent a little over a month now, I can see why.

When my son was still a parasite in my wife’s stomach, I diligently did my research on strollers. A few of the sites I had bookmarked TallBabyStuff.com and savvysassymoms.com have great information for strollers for tall people like myself, however, I’m going to tell you from a big guy’s perspective what route I took and how I got there.

I am a giant standing at 6’5″.  Broad shoulders.  Wide base stance… but cool off… I’m taken.

But you can kind of see why I was focusing on tall specific strollers.  My wife’s friend that she played ball with in college is 6’5″ and her husband is 6’7″ (even though I think we’re the same height).  Well naturally my research went out the window when they told us what they’d gotten, because naturally, their word is bond when it comes to tall stuff.

They recommended the Britax B-Agile travel system which not only was recommended by our family friends, but also highly recommended by the California Highway Patrol as one of the safest carseats available on the market.  The travel system comes with the car seat and the stroller and is easily interchangeable from car to stroller.

We’d looked at it at Babies R’ Us, pushed it around a little bit, and put it on our registry.  I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Well fast forward some months later.  After my boy was born I decided to take JR on a walk around the block.  The nice walk turned annoying as I kept kicking the wheels with my normal stride, and had to push the stroller with a modified inward arm angle because the handle bar area is really narrow.  I ended up kicking the stroller so many times, that I ended up walking to the side of it and pushing with one hand for the majority of the walk.

Once I’d gotten home I googled “handler bar extension for the Britax.”  There’s no such item. Well there’s no way that I’m going to be able to push this stroller for the next x-amount of years….

I started looking elsewhere.

I needed something that wasn’t going to require me to buy a whole new car seat system, because lets face it… money doesn’t grow on trees.  And if I was going to buy another stroller, I figured we might as well get a jogger, because Britax also doesn’t make joggers and the Agile system is no jogger.

Research led me to the B.O.B.

It turns out B.O.B. and Britax are united the same way as Toyota and Lexus are united, and in fact, B.O.B. makes a jogger that is equipped to attach the Britax carseat onto it’s frame.

The B.O.B Revolution Pro (only available from REI) boasts handle bar height UP TO 45.8 inches and the rear wheel width of 25.4 inches.

Here’s the best thing… That handle bar height is in fact adjustable in case someone shorter is uncomfortable with where you have the handle bar.  And it’s as easy as pressing a button to adjust.

The B.O.B folds up just as easy, but is definitely bigger due to the all-terrain tires, and heavier due to the all-terrain frame.  But I’ll tell you what… Mine gets use out of it , and I am COM-FORT-ABLE pushing it around all day.

And since it’s from REI, REI will take it into is bike shop and fix it on site to get it to your standards if need be.

The downside… the price.  But I’ll tell you now… if you’re a tall person like me… you will want to personally thank me… like face to face thanks, when you buy this stroller.

This is the perfect stroller for tall parents.

My wife still loves the Britax system, and it IS a very good system, not to take anything away from it… but specifically for my height… B.O.B is the stroller savior for the tall.

(PS… the only difference between the Revolution Pro and the Revolution is that the PRO has a hand brake, and it’s only like $20 more.  If you’re spending this kind of money on this stroller you might as well get the Pro for hiking hills or jogging… just my thoughts)

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  • Annie says:

    Hello! My husband is 6’7” and we’re expecting a baby boy in July. Any “tall dad must haves” you can recommend would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hey Annie!

      For sure you’ll need a stroller that he won’t be leaning over creating daily unnecessary back pain. If you are looking to go hiking or camping, Thule has a pretty solid pack that fit me nicely. And last, if yo go for a bike trailer, make sure it’s got adjustable handle bars for stroller use.

      Basically, you’ll want to make sure that anything you buy will have adjustable handles. But other than that, there aren’t many items that affect us different.

      Congrats on your baby, and good luck!

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