Mother’s Day Ain’t What It Used To Be

For years …years… my mother and I have had a rather unusual relationship.  Once I left the house, Mother’s day turned into “I wonder if my son will remember Mother’s day,” and as a 31 year old man, I feel bad for her, and I’m sorry.  But that was our dynamic, and I can’t really heal that bleeding wound.  But now Mother’s day is going to mean something completely different for me for the rest of my life.   I’m not sure if baby JR will be blessing us with his gracious presence on Sunday, otherwise known as Mother’s Day, but he’s supposed to be my wife’s ultimate Mother’s day gift that I could ever give her… according to science.  That’ right… I said it… I gave her that gift…   But all jokes aside, what once was a day that had very little meaning to me, will become the biggest day in my household.  For it will be a day that may be the same birthday as my son (and even if it’s not it will inevitably be his birthday since there is no specific date for Mother’s day, because it’s created to always falls in line with Sunday because apparently you can only do brunch on Sundays), but it will also be the day that I get to glorify my wife and the mother of my child.   “But Rob, you should always glorify your wife… because she’s you’re wife… and the mother of your child.”   Right you are… Continue Reading →

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Is Baby Bonding the Same as Love at First Sight?

According to science, we have 5 days left till the predicted due date.  That’s roughly 120 hours, give or take a lifetime.   So naturally I should be feeling some sort of way right about now.   Well I do…   … I feel uneasy.   While I’ve been jumping through hoops these last few months to create this space to write about my thoughts, redecorate the house, establish the nursery, finish my Bachelors degree, apply for a Master’s program, pay off all the bills, make sure insurance and health issues are in order, and take care of preggo pants (the wife)– I haven’t really sat down and expressed my deepest fears with anyone.  And since this blog is self-righteously named The Scared Dad, it’s time to address what I’m most scared of.   I was talking to a friend today whom, like many, is anxiously awaiting the birth of my child.  She and I go way back, and she and her husband had just had a child of their own.  This child changed them, and changed their dynamic and brought out the best in them.  Although I’ve seen this with my own eyes, I’m not saying this with my words or observation.  Saying that their child brings out the best in them, is their own declaration.  Both hubby and wife have rejoiced in the life of their child and have told me many times how much of a good thing the baby is to them both as individuals and as a family.  Continue Reading →

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